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M0KGK SDR Decoder Software "KGKSDR"

KGKSDR is my attempt at some SDR decoding software.  I was putting this software together purely as a learning exercise, to better understand the mathematics behind SDR in general.  It seems to have overtaken the original objectives of a back room learning exercise, with quite a number of people using the software around the world.

Features include:

  • Transmit and receive functions
  • CW, SSB transmit with receive only for AM and FM
  • Semi or full breakin operation for CW
  • Variable filter widths
  • Spectrum display
  • DSP functions such as auto notch and noise reduction
  • Manual or auto calibration for receive
  • Manual calibration for transmit with high image suppression
  • RF speech clipper and noise gate for transmit
  • Recording function
  • Uses ASIO based soundcards
Jan 2007: Jean-Claude PJ2BVU worked F6KAR over a distance of 7,900 km using CW on KGKSDR with the Softrock40 RX/TX.

On the SDR section of the site we have four areas; Download, Softrocks, Soundcards and Resources.  These four areas are supplement by a link to the KGKSDR Yahoo group.

Download allows you to grab a copy of the KGKSDR software to download to your PC.  This is normally the very latest version of the software and will appear here first.

Softrocks is the page containing the Softrock receivers and transceivers I use.

Soundcards are crtically appraised on this page - they are one of the crucial components of an SDR system so it's good to know there are good and bad ones.

Resources takes you further afield to other websites which contain information relevant to those using amateur SDR equipment.

KGKSDR Yahoo group takes you to the discussion group for the software.  Please report any issues with the software or requests for new features on the group.

Screen shot of KGKSDR software on 40m band

First QSO on Softrock (click for big pic)

VU3WJM demonstrating SDR to eager viewers


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